In this episode, Karen Strange shares insight into the transition all humans make when they are born. She takes us through the baby’s journey during labor and birth and describes how each baby shares their story, once mom and baby are back together. Karen gives practical tips to slow ourselves to match the baby’s pace and tools to communicate with newborns. Sometimes births don’t go as planned. That’s part of life. Luckily, integration is embedded in the sequence of birth (or we wouldn’t have survived for millenia). Karen explains how to facilitate integration and repair, especially when things don’t go as planned.


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Being one of the longest practicing American Academy of Pediatrics/Neonatal Resuscitation Program instructors, Karen Strange is truly a neonatal resuscitation guru.  Karen Strange became a midwife in 1988 in Texas and a Certified Professional Midwife in 1996. She teaches what birth professionals need to know to help, assist, and respond to a baby who isn’t breathing or breathing well, regardless of equipment and location of birth, while providing care in the least traumatic way. 

Having taught over 10,000 learners, worldwide, Karen has been featured at global conferences, courses, lectures and podcasts. She is the creator and instructor of the workshop, and now online course, Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn. Karen specializes in debriefing with birth professionals after complications, like a resuscitation, giving her a bird’s eye view of what tends to go well and what gets missed when it comes to responding during an emergency. 

Karen has a deep passion for sharing the baby’s experience of birth and teaching practical tools to birth professionals and parents that support bonding and connection, before, during and after birth. Karen’s unique ‘baby’s experience lens’ gives practitioners a brand new perspective, and enables them to make quick decisions and take appropriate actions, while providing trauma-free care.