In this episode, Teddy will be talking with us about  being a Full Spectrum Doula and how he came to be one. He will be discussing his journey so far as a Doula and also any unique challenges he has faced. 


Timothy Gant, also known as Teddy, is a Full Spectrum Doula and Advocate. He recently started his path as a doula but is constantly growing every day. He first found his passion for birth work when his mother told him her birth story. Hearing her experience gave him a different outlook on life. It showed him how complex, yet beautiful pregnancy and birth can be. Every person on earth starts life this way, and he wants to be able to help as many birthers as he can have a safe and successful birth. After hearing everything about his mother’s experience, he felt a calling to dedicate his life to helping birthers have better experiences.

Teddy’s passion for helping Birthing People has been there since he can remember.  Birthers bring new life into this world and deserve to be supported throughout the full journey. He can’t personally birth a child, but the next best thing is to help those who can. Birthing people hold a very special place in his heart,and he considers his duty to help each one have a safe, beautiful, and memorable birth experience.