Today Soraya will be talking to us about the options for postpartum support in your neighborhood. As a society, we have lost our “villages” where we would receive the care and guidance from the matriarchs who were there to help us heal after birth. Postpartum doulas have grown in popularity as the emphasis has started to encompass not only birth, but that transformative period after birth as the family grows and strives to find their new normal. Postpartum doulas serve families in so many ways and provide the individualized care and attention that is so critical in the days, weeks and months following birth.


First Forty Days: 

The Wonder Weeks:

The Happiest Baby on the Block: 

Soraya Mazloomi is a certified labor and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator and childbirth and postpartum educator. She is the owner of Boise Birth Services, a full spectrum doula agency that serves the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. She is the Director of Education for Idaho Doula Associates and has been involved in and around the birth community for 8 years. She believes deeply that families deserve unconditional, unbiased support and works in her community both professionally and legislatively to protect and promote the rights of ALL families.