In this episode we talk to Dr. Sayida Pepra. She discusses  how studies have identified implicit bias and lack of culturally appropriate care as a contributor to maternal health disparities as well as share how to  construct support strategies and interventions for pregnant, birthing and postpartum individuals with a history of transgenerational trauma.  We also spend quite a bit of time sharing about how you can identify and assess personal implicit biases. 


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Dr. Sayida Peprah is a licensed clinical psychologist and birth doula, with over 10 years of experience in both fields. She specializes in multicultural psychology, trauma, suicide prevention and maternal mental health. Dr. Sayida has a multi-faced career as a psychologist, diversity and cross-cultural educator, and community-based doula program director. Dr. Sayida is also the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Diversity Uplifts, Inc., who’s mission is “fostering diversity and supporting communities and the providers who serve them.” 

An advocate for human rights in childbirth, Dr. Sayida is a member of the Black Women Birthing Justice Collective and a Collaborator with the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, promoting research, education and community-based services to positively transform the birthing experiences of black families. Dr. Sayida has served and continues to serve on advisory committees to improve maternal health including Perinatal Equity Initiative Committees, and formerly the California Maternal Suicide Review Committee and others aimed at identifying key risks and opportunities for quality improvement and prevention around disparities.