In this episode, Tamara Rolan, a CNM discusses how she became interested in birthwork, the journey that brought her to Idaho, her philosophy and way of practicing with birthing families, and her experiences as a person of color in a predominantly white community. 


BIO: Tamara Rolan, CNM began her journey to midwifery as a volunteer doula at UNC hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC. Up until that point, she had no idea that midwives existed in the hospital setting. After a beautiful birth with a nurse-midwife, Tamara decided to pursue a career in midwifery. She attended nursing school at Winston Salem State University in North Carolina, and then midwifery school at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky. A lifelong East Coast native, Tamara fell in love with Idaho and moved shortly afterwards to begin her midwifery career.  She currently attends births at a local hospital. Tamara believes that women should always be at the center of their own care, making informed decisions about their birth experiences.