In this episode, Lynelle King, a Lactation Consultant and Cranio-Sacral therapist who will be speaking with us about breastfeeding relationships and how we each have an opportunity to play an influential role in supporting, promoting and protecting those relationships.  As current chair of the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition, she will be telling us about their 5 focus areas for the next couple of years to help increase breastfeeding in our state.  She will talk about the annual summit and how to get involved.  She will also tell us about her own private practice as a lactation consultant.


Lynnelle King is a private practice IBCLC and works out of her office in the Treasure Valley where she sees all ages of infants struggling with challenging breastfeeding concerns. Lynnelle also practices Craniosacral Therapy and regularly sees pediatric patients with a wide range of concerns including therapy for tongue and lip tie pre and post revision, plagiocephaly and torticollis.  Lynnelle holds a BS in Maternal Child Health, IBCLC, CLC, ALC, CLEC, CD(DONA) and is the mother of 8 children who were all breastfed.  She is serving as the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition (IBC) Chair for the 2019-2020 term and her vision for families is reflected in the statement, ‘There are no obstacles to Breastfeeding in Idaho’. She would love to encourage Idaho families and professionals who support breastfeeding to get involved as members of the Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition. There are 5 main focus areas of the coalition for the next 2 years and Lynnelle would love to add your perspective, experience and support to this exciting work. 


Please join our breastfeeding photo shoots for the IBC by searching for the private FB group called:  IBC Summit Breastfeeding Project