1. The power of practicing Naam/Kabbalah of Birth techniques is that it will give your unborn child a clearer slate. A chance to be born into this world without as much influence from there 7 karmic influences. They get a chance to be born into this world being their true authentic self, to be that true creator and really know a sense of self. 

2. The yogic science techniques used through Kabbalah of Birth will allow the mother to increase her confidence, be present, have peace of mind, and empower women to use there power in a constructive way to help their baby.  


Asher countryman has always been on the journey of love. Life has given her many trials and yet she always finds herself to rise above the challenges. There are many tools she has learned to help her with those challenges such as; Shakti Naam Yoga, Harmonyum, Kabbalah of Birth (Pre/Post Natal Yoga), inner intuitive intelligence and soon to be a Holistic Health and Life Coach.  

Asher now uses these skills to be of service to humanity around the globe. 

Asher currently resides in Boise, Idaho as owner of Sacred Attunement (outreach wellness program) and co-owner of Eagles Nest Yoga and Wellness. Asher and her community of Healers are here to be of service to the Treasure Valley and beyond. 


Ashers website – www.sacred-attunement.com

Naam Yoga website – www.naamyoga.com 

Dr Levry website – http://josephmichaellevry.com