Aislynn Bio:

Aislynn and Mike married summer of 2012 and, two weeks later, moved to North Idaho. Shortly after finishing her Bachelor’s degree and he with his law degree, both at the University of Idaho, they returned to Boise summer of 2015. They became pregnant a month later, but sadly it ended by miscarriage at nine weeks. Their prayers were answered when on Christmas Eve 2016 they welcomed their son, Leo August, following a very arduous and medicalized 28 hour labor and hospital birth. After becoming pregnant a year and a half later, they changed from an OB-Gyn to a midwife and had a very different experience. It was only a 7 hour labor and she birthed their daughter, Nyah Averie, entirely natural in the hospital on March 6, 2019. Now, as a happy family of four, they spend their days running part of a local immigration law firm, Derden Law, in Meridian, getting out into the Idaho wilderness, and making memories with extended family and close friends as often as possible.

Candace Bio:

Candace Browne is a certified birth doula that grew up loving pregnancy and birth because of her own mom who gave birth to all four of her children at home. Candace grew up watching her mother work as a homebirth midwife, a childbirth educator and a doula… which helped her feel very prepared when she had her own 2 children. One thing she noticed during the birth of her own children – one at a hospital and one at a birth center – was that she really regretted not having a female birth partner. She felt educated and prepared but needed more support than what she felt her husband could provide for her. This realization compelled her to pursue her certification as a doula herself – hoping to be able to provide that support for other birthing women.

Candace met Holly while accompanying clients to Holly’s Intuitive Birth class. She felt that Holly “spoke her language” and she loved the course topics. She began referring all of her clients to the Intuitive Birth class. They have been birth friends ever since and they love the connection that they’ve shared with several birthing families! At this time, Candace has stepped away from doula work to attend nursing school. Her goal is to work with mothers and babies in the hospital as a nurse, hopefully pursuing a certified nurse midwife degree eventually, but is just taking one step at a time at this point…


Book: Mindful Birthing: Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond by Nancy Bardacke