In this episode, Manasi and Poorak Mody talk with us about why a large percentage of couples report a decline in their relationship satisfaction after having  a baby. They will be talking with us about how postpartum does not make your relationship weaker or harder to connect but highlights the weaknesses that already existed. Being aware of these weaknesses and acquiring the right relationship skills and mindset, couples can go from surviving to thriving during the postpartum period. Having a postpartum relationship plan is critical not just for harmony and joy in the postpartum period but for long term stability and fulfillment, family stability and emotional health of children.


BIOS Manasi & Poorak Mody are Certified Empowered Couples Coaches, Parents, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs. They have been  together for 17 years and married for 10. They are blessed to be parents to two amazing boys. They experienced a major upheaval in their personal identities, reality, and especially in their relationship after the birth of their first son. Their first pregnancy was spent in so much elation and anticipation but nothing prepared them for the emotional labor, sleepless nights, a constant crying colicky infant, lack of physical and emotional intimacy that created immense distance between them postpartum. There were little to no resources present that talked or discussed the identity shifts partners go through and nothing prepares partners to transition smoothly to parenthood. Manasi and Poorak, are out to make it the norm for couples to seek out empowering relationship skills. Rather than the current norm and wait to seek out “help” re-actively.