In this first of a 2 part series, we talk with Emily Roper, a neuro-developmental delay therapist. For the next 2 episodes, she will be talking to us about the importance of pregnancy and the birth process on brain development. The process of birth is the single most important event that helps the baby’s entire nervous system transition to life outside the womb, and helps set the foundation for all future brain development.  Events that occur during pregnancy, and especially during the birth itself can create patterns that might contribute to later developmental delays. Emily talks to us about the risk factors and events that can lead to future problems, how to be aware of these risk factors and hopefully make choices that help reduce risk, as well as things you can look for in your child that might indicate that they might need therapy.


Miracle Children by Anna Buck

A Journey of Hope by Anna Buck

What Babies and Children Really Need by Sally Goddard Blythe 

Reflexes Learning and Behavior by Sally Goddard Blythe


Emily Roper is the owner and founder of Early Roots. She has an education background in psychology, midwifery, and neuro-developmental delay. Emily is a Certified Midwife’s assistant and a Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapist, she currently runs Early Roots, a therapy practice for children who have neurological delays.

Christine Cleary

Great job Emily! You will change so many lives. Love you❤️