In this Episode, Dixie Weber, who is the National Director of Healthcare Programs for Family to Family Support Network talks about the work that she does educating teams about supporting unique families.  The Family to Family Support Network is a pro-education, non-profit organization that partners with healthcare professionals and community organizations to better serve families throughout pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. She talks about the types of families that might need extra support such as surrogacy families, adoption families and  incarcerated populations. She gives some practical tips for providers on how to serve these families, as well as simple ways that if you are one of these types of families, you can look for providers or facilities that will best serve you.


Bio: Dixie Weber is the National Director of Healthcare Programs for Family to Family Support Network, a non-profit based in Denver.  She is an expert in best practices in the care of Unique Perinatal Populations including, women making an adoption plan, families growing through surrogacy arrangements, the pregnant incarcerated population, women giving birth after sexual assault or domestic violence and socialyl complex families.  She has established expectations for healthcare in the delivery of comprehensive and high-quality medical care for these complex patients. She has developed numerous innovative programs and has spoken across the country on topics including Generational Workforce Management, Neutral Compassionate Care Models, Adoption and Surrogacy, Bioethics and Leadership Development.  For the past 20 years, Dixie has specialized in Maternal-Child Healthcare and has held numerous leadership and programmatic positions within the specialty. Dixie holds a master’s degree in Healthcare Management, as well as a post-graduate certificate in adult learning theory.